Monday, April 6, 2015

Oh mio dio

Iocu di Focu, so very good. Red Sicilian peperoncini, fennel seeds, anchovies, capers, olives... A contribution to the kitchen from Alici. 

Unbelievable pastries. The best. 

Insane pistachio cream bombs. Sicilian pistachios, god. 

View of Mt Etna from the Picasso exhibit at Castle Ursino. 

Aperol Spritz. 


  1. You guys are KILLING me with all this. Saffron cheese. Man. Thanks for posting everything.

  2. PS: For the first time ever, arancini have looked good. I think the ones that made it to the US never have any creamy filling?

    1. Heyyy! Chickpea and The Duke went home to Amsterdam this morning- sniff- the arancini place was their discovery. But the pistachio cream filling is something I had been obsessed with trying after I saw the Sicily episode of the Vice series "Being Frank" with the guys who own Frankies Spuntino etc (Peter and I buy their olive oil, which is made here).