Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Time Crunching

noma was perfect. Took no photos though. 

Drinks at Tørvehallerne.

Fish cake banh mi.

And a very rich and delicious lunch of smørrebrød at Schønnemann. All of the dishes on the menu are open-faced sandwiches but they're so over the top that the bread is often barely visible. Also the Danish owners enforce a strict policy of no plate-trading between Danes; people should know what they want and then order and eat it. Tourists are considered hopeless so Pici and I happily traded away... back and forth... forever. 

The Meteor Shower was fried plaice covered with mayo, boiled at sea (?) Greenland shrimp and Danish caviar, and between the bread and the fish is about an inch and a half of "red mayo". The whole thing was so mayonnaisey it was like eating a sundae. 

Curry herring with coddled egg and loads of onions. Very traditional. 

Søren's Special: pan-fried smoked eel with scrambled eggs on toasted rye. 

Simon's Favorite: butter fried toast with the most insane salmon I've ever had... Daniel Letz Impérial. No idea it could be this good. Also creamed spinach, poached egg, butter fried toast, hollandaise etc. 

Snaps for days. Ten pages? We tasted many. 

Alici was in Licata, where she had mackerel.

And spaghetti cooked in fish stock with wild fennel and red mullet and other seafood.

"Standout dish of the night. There was local artichoke prepared in a spectacular fashion."

Octopus cured in green tea (to preserve colour--Japanese technique apparently), powdered ink, carrot and radicchio. 

She freaked out over this wine. 

Then last night she was in Chiaramonte Gulfi at Majore, which specializes in pork. The triangular piece is a terrine of sorts (a bit like rillettes) with "gelatina" on top.

Sicilian-Arab sesame and cinnamon cookies made by her colleague Vito's mother. 

Pici, Filone and I left CPH today for Sicily to meet up with Ceci and Duca. It's 64 degrees and sunny in Catania. 
But crossing the wet and windy runway during our layover in Berlin was BRUTAL. They made us walk literally twenty feet between the transfer bus and the airport and it was painful. 

We had a couple hours to kill with food. 

This was so good. 

Warm raisin buns. 

Free chocolate l used to turn Pici into an emoji. 

And Champagne with fries, a combination I first encountered at Sylvain in New Orleans. Special Cindy's Diner spice mix was curiously absent. But the curry mayo combo helped. 

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