Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Farm to Drunk Cooking

Beer brewed locally by Benedictine monks (Norcia was the birthplace of St. Benedict). 

Sunday-lunched with the locals at agriturismo Il Casale degli Amici. 

Ricotta so insanely good it freaked us all out. And the cured meats of Norcia. And that dang Pecorino. And the local farro they justly prize. 

This lasagne with truffles, cream and wild boar sausage was one of the best things any of us had ever eaten and my personal A#1+++ experience ever with fresh pasta (or with truffles, cream or wild boar). 

Doesn't look like much but it blew my hair back. 

Goat all'arrabbiata. 

Digestivi are on the house. Serve your selves. 

The aftermath reminded Pici of a Giorgio Morandi painting. 

Milking buddies just outside. 

Beautiful Spoleto. 

Alici took this keeper: 

Spritz o'clock. 

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