Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mistacchios Were Made

Hit the road for Le Marche yesterday. 

Filone and I can't be trusted to enter gas stations in Italy "for a quick coffee". 

Car snacks. 

'Nduja etc. for me. 

Alici has a soft spot for homemade tramezzini. Pici had the same thing and filed it under "foods moms make". I just like watching people eat them in complete silence. They are the quietest sandwiches. 

F's everything bagel sub whatever. 


Cocktail hour. 

Fantastic Marchigiane food and local Verdicchio at La Trattoria del Leone last night.

Two rounds of fried stuffed olives- one veg, one meat.  

P's tagliatelle with wild hare ragu. 

F's gnocchi with wild hare ragu. 

Everyone but me had wild boar stew as their secondo. 

My crescia sfogliata - very Urbino- a bit like a lardy paratha filled with foraged bitter greens and cheese. 

Then I had this outstanding frittata (more like a firm custard) with porcini mushrooms and Pecorino di Fossa. 

Flavored sugars at the breakfast bar. 

Tried two places for crescia sfogliata today. 

Caffé corretto with Varnelli anice, made here in Le Marche. So delicious and much drier than sambuca.

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