Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ascolana All the Time

Alici had a meeting at Tenuta Cocci Grifoni and brought the rest of us along.
Some of us spat into the bucket and some of us got tipsy before noon. 

The entirely women-run winery was also the very first in Italy to farm Pecorino (named for the sheep that would nibble on the vines) as a grape back in 1969. It's my new favorite happy hour wine. They released their first bottling in 1970. 

The best sparkling wine ever is 100% Passerina. 

Marilena runs the joint. Her mom made us lunch. Hard boiled eggs- a very typical accompaniment to cured meats in this area. Pasta with ragu. Then sausage and artichokes. Then the most addictive  biscottini and anisette meringues. We cleaned them out. 

Arrived in the stupidly lovely Ascoli Piceno at sunset. 

The beautiful people who hosted us broke out the Meletti anisette (made locally) as a welcome aperitivo. We had gotten pretty lost trying to find the place and they were so kind about it. 

CaffĂ© Meletti. 

Late dinner for me and Pici. Appetizers included olive all'Ascolana (fried stuffed olives), the beloved local specialty. 

Tagliatelle with porcinis. 

The other pasta photographed very poorly so I'll skip it. Ravioli alla Norcina, super delicious, with lots of sausage and cream. 

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  1. Can you make those stuffed fried olives? I know you can... :)