Wednesday, April 8, 2015


This guy's birthday! 18 years of BFFery. 

I carried a tray of cakes to the bus station while Pici managed our suitcases. 

Once in Siracusa, it was time for a refreshing lemon seltz on the bridge to Ortigia. Fresh Sicilian lemons, icy carbonated water and sea salt. Perfect.

Onion grissini. 

Filone laughed all day, thanks to sugar and pills and me. 

Some lite antiquing didn't hurt.

Killer food at Sicilia In Tavola. 

Burrata for the table. 

We each started with large bowls of soup, some with just mussels and some with an assortment. Ceci had thin slices of smoked swordfish. 

My shrimp ravioli sauced with fresh sea urchin. 

Alici's maccheroni with funghi porcini and bottarga. 

Ceci's pici with bottarga and Sicilian almonds. 

Pici's gnocchi with Sicilian pistachio and sea urchin. 

Cannoli were just right. A little salty. 

Pistachio custard tiramisu.   

Cinnamon jelly. 

Wrapped up the evening with grappa, amari, potato chips and Ab Fab. 


  1. dudes, i dunno why you were even thinking about your LDLs...most of what you are eating is amazing seafood! hey, do you think you could fedex either of those pastas with bottarga and that pistachio custard tiramisu? kthxbai!

  2. Have faith. La Grassa is yet to come.