Thursday, April 16, 2015

Getting Agro

Superb lunch at Osteria Altrove in Castelferretti. 

Pappardelle with wild boar ragu. 

Leafy greens-filled ravioli cacio e pepe.  

Olive all'ascolana (stuffed with meat and deep-fried; love that these were listed under the succinct "greens" portion of the menu).

Risotto cooked in Montepulciano

Our wonderful olive oil supplier in the U.S. ( had recommended we book a night's stay at the Del Carmine olive oil property, restaurant and agriturismo outside Ancona. 

Watched the sun set. 

Turns out that Wednesday is Burger and Beer Night. Gotta admit, at first I was crestfallen. We grind a lot of meat at home in NM for burgers and I was hoping for something a little more Marchigiane. But dinner delivered in the best way. 

We were handed menus with three burgers listed and assumed we'd each choose a burger and then that would be dinner, just like in real life. Instead we each got three burgers, coursed out, with sides and beers for pairing. 

Beef with blue cheese and radicchio. Crazy good rosemary potatoes swimming in olive oil. 

Chicken patty clubs with fried eggs and bacon and cheese. 

Nicely seasoned chicken patty. 

Veggie burger. 

They had four kinds of olive oil on the table and some bread. 
We were instructed to use the olive oil liberally and we did. Poured it over the bread, soaked our burger buns with it, sipped it from spoons...  You name it. 

The Ascolana was my favorite (and their most "prized" oil), followed by the fruity-hot Frantoio. Everyone else favored the Carmine house blend. The Leccino was the most subtle. 

In the morning, there were greens for sale by the tiny car park. 

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