Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Extra Virgins

To get back in the hang of it, we're reviving the blog now even though Pici is in Paris, Alici is in Italy for work, Noci is in the Emirates, Filone is in Copenhagen, and Ceci and Duca are at home in Amsterdam. Things will get more calorically diffuse very soon, but here are some current highlights. 

Alici was in Verona for work last week and shared photos. But soon she will have to put up with sharing food as well. 

Here are some of her notes.

"Goo in center = polenta (very Veronese), slice of thing on top = lardo (<3). Giardiniera in the cup was house made and just awesome. And the salami was wow wow wow."

And in response to the many questions about it from me and Ceci: 

"No, the plate was not for sharing! It was all mine. 
The polenta was seasoned, and probably had some cheese in it, but not much. I don't know which kind. 
I didn't eat any bread with the salami. I just ate the lardo with a fork."

Because it was her birthday, nobody tried to sneak some lardo. 
(Also her colleagues are not wild animals like some of us.)

"Beef carpaccio. Martin loved it. The beef is raised well here. Shaved artichokes on top."

"The last dish was also a local specialty: maccheroncini cooked in Amarone della Valpolicella (hence the colour), with broccolini and Tastasal (local sausage not in casing).
The wine flavour was not overt in the pasta, and I think it's a pretty traditional preparation."

"Some kind of Calabrian sausage on the left, neonata (newborn anchovy condiment with hot chiles and olive oil) on the right."

"Calamaretti (baby octopus) in a rich white bean purée and balsamic vinegar. Mega delicious."

"This was a type of pasta like fettuccine called something else I can't recall, BUT it was with sea urchin roe and the white stuff is mozzarella di bufala."

"I haven't eaten any gelato since arriving." 

And then she sent multiple texts about how nice everyone is and the wonderful service everywhere and the terrible driving. 


Meanwhile, Pici managed one photo of his first snack in Paris before the chef's wife cockle-blocked and told him to put down his phone and eat like a person. 

Noci had the 'Splodin Shroomstack at Shake Shack at the World Trade Center in Abu Dhabi and regretted it. It was like biting into a fried abscess.

Alici arrived in Palermo yesterday. 

Noci had a the best ever vegetarian Lebanese breakfast with fatteh...

The silkiest hummus... 

And the greatest maqdous. Pickled baby eggplants stuffed with chile, nuts and garlic, and preserved in olive oil.

Chiles for the sinuses. The plate was full at one point...

Fresh Arabic bread poofs straight from the oven

Mint lemonade

Pici hit L'As du Falafel in Paris 

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  1. that hummus looks amazing! and see, they almost did the meniscus thing (hummeniscus?) on that platter, too, so...