Sunday, March 29, 2015

Pici Keen

A brief report. 

Pici had cocktails in Paris last night. The first two on the list.  

Lucky guy.

Bill's bitters, all the way from Santa Fe! 

He also befriended the bartender, Max, who introduced him to a tiny-batch Haitian rum made from sugarcane and olives. 

Alici had "muffuletta" in Palermo. I have no idea how that differs from New Orleanian muffuletta but am wondering if  sesame bread is involved. Will google that when I'm not in an airport. 

Pici also had "the best eggplant I've ever had, hands down" at Chez Marianne. 

And said that it figures he had to go all the way to Paris to get a good Reuben. 

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  1. that definitely doesn't look like a new orleanian muffaletta, though i'm sure it was delicious in its own right! fwiw (you probs already figured this out), muffaletta is the name of both the bread and the sandwich (which i'm sure is so-called simply because it's made using that type of bread). almost certainly the same as the stuff you'd get in nola (or very similar).