Saturday, March 28, 2015

Not Your Mamma's Marsala

Alici writes:

Every single thing I've eaten in Sicily has been amazing. We went to this great wine bar in Palermo last night and they served snacks (potato chips, Cheetos, and a bag filled with panini), and holy hell, the panini were incredible! They were so basic too.

They always serve an amuse bouche to start at every restaurant. Last night it was the soup with smoked scamorza, the soup was potato with lots of olive oil. Then the raw fish atop shaved pumpkin (zucca) in agrodolce (sweet/sour). Spaghetti Nero di seppia, and I forget what the fish was because that was my colleague's dish. I had the spaghetti. Soooooo good.


Today she went on to Marsala.

Fresh fennel harvested for today's vineyard lunch. 

Piatto di pesce crudo (raw tuna, three different types of prawns, diced apples, olive oil, octopus, in season shaved artichoke hearts that were pink and yellow).

Tiny wild strawberries for dessert. 

A shot of Marsala waiting in my room as a nightcap. 

I keep seeing these wrinkly apples and pears everywhere. 

Easy to ruin lunch at the breakfast tables here. 

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