Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Paris without shoestrings

After a wonderful stay with my family in Dallas I moved on to Paris for a quick few days of snacking before Copenhagen and Italy.  
I began at La Quin Cave (to the left in the photo) for a glass of wine and then was fortunate enought to be let in to Murcerie Mullot next door for a dinner of beautiful clams, cured mackerel that I still can't quite believe, sole and monkfish roe. Extraordinary. Nouf already mentioned that I got flagged for using my phone-  not so much for photographing but texting. I was told to "put my phone down and enjoy myself". I did and I did. 
I then organized an old school bistro steak and frites versus new school Paris falafel world championship wrestling match, which of course I won.  

Oddly there was a great Reuben. 
And lastly a cocktail bar that though awkwardly named the "Experimental Cocktail Club" produced new friends and new flavors that will last in my memories of this quick but perfect layover. 

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