Sunday, April 8, 2012

Unlimited Delicious

An Arab, a Texan and Nederlander walk into a bar...

Obviously, this happened.

According to photographic evidence, this also happened.

Yes, the dark red volcanoes of active awesomeness on the pizza are 'nduja!
Things got very quiet at this point.

(Except for the whimpers of remorse from those who'd mistakenly not ordered the Calabrese di Spilinga pizza.)

This was and is the beginning to a tale that will unfold over a few short weeks. A story that began before luck was invented and when miracles were commonplace and mundane.

So with 'nduja being the goal, and with 'nduja having been achieved we are now free to move about the cabin.


After the pizzas was The Tapes reunion concert with great sounds, great atmosphere and great friends. Sorry to say we won't be able to use our free Killing Joke tickets for the 11th but if anyone is interested they are available.