Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Ayes Have It

With reservations canceled and calendars cleared we were free to choose lunch- or to have it choose us.

 At our own pace we stepped out into the town. Our needs were simple and few. We were quickly rewarded for our modest expectations.

Zeruko was the first stop, with the counters covered with some of the most visually exciting pintxos yet. We had found our candy store. A childlike and overwhelmed Minnie proceeded to stalk the counter for about ten minutes before striking. 

Sea urchin + beef cheeks




Gilded artichoke stuffed with foie gras, hazelnuts and honey

Suckling pig

Squid hamburguesa

"Cristal" bread con tomate

Our new buddy Pete, who lavished us with stories of food and fishing all the way from this bar to London Stansted

Later we moved on to Borda Berri, Txepetxa, Txondorra-- and Bar Nestor (three times) for the famed tortilla, which we missed. But we will go back to San Sebastian and when we do, it will be our first stop. Tortilla, steak, tomatoes, peppers.

Tomato, bonito

The veal cheeks in vino tinto we'd been waiting for all week

"Risotto" with local mushrooms and Idiazabal


"A little bit green, a little bit salty and a little bit spicy."

Bar Txepetxa specializes in marinated anchovy pintxos.

Anchovies with (from left) sea urchin roe, spider crab cream, and coconut.

Anchovy with foie gras and apple compote

We were underwhelmed, but by this point in the trip we were a little spoiled.

Tortilla at Txondorra

Scallops and mushrooms

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