Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Midmorning San Sebastian. Overcast with light winds and about 50 deg.

Last minute editing for Minnie this morning so I check the surf first from the balcony then down around the corner to the beach. Low tide and knee high at best. There is a great little surf shop right there and I walk in to get the word. Nothing at all right now but a swell is approaching this afternoon or tonight with a fat storm on top of it. Possibly 6-8 meters of surf and rough with strong winds offshore. Wetsuits but no boots needed. When the guy at the shop mentions the wind his eyes light up. Could be real good he says. I tell him my level of skill (which is not very impressive on paper) and he gets pretty stoked and tells me I might need to surf the river. Gordo knows what I mean here. With this kind of swell he says it might be good at the upper edge of the harbor as well. But anyway he says check back later today.

After a nice walk up the beach and across the street I step into a cafe for a warm tortilla and a cold vino blanco. Breakfast. I also get a jamon pintxo with caramelized onions.

It's hard to say if life could be any better right now.

But if the wind and the swell match up later we'll see.


  1. i love this. your breakfast is perfect. the place. the day. the company. i'm wondering what happened with the surf, and thinking perfection is able to keep on giving if it so pleases.