Friday, May 27, 2016

The Salt Kit Sads

Itty bitty "ferry terminal". 

On the rainy walk down to the dock, we stopped at Long Table distillery, recommended to us by the owner of Copperworks Distilling in Seattle (which I also forgot to photograph), but the  owner was about to head to the Yaletown Farmers Market for an all-afternoon tasting. We caught up with him later at the Market and of course I forgot to take photos, but his spirits were great, especially the spiny aquavit and his cucumber gin, which had none of the warm composty vibe that curses so many cucumber-flavored things. 

Bought two finger limes at Granville Island Public Market for an extraordinary amount of money per gram... Together these were around 5 USD :-/

Clickbait lies. These weren't exactly bursting at the seams with juicy pink innards... They did smell amazing- like yuzu on steroids- and the beads were fun to eat. All ten of them. 

Taro chips and tofu paprika dip. Tasted like work; I'd forgotten my salt kit back at the hotel. 

A vegan spring roll that tasted like the food that made me fat in college. 

Fortification for urban hiking from Oyama Sausage Co.

And some fish place. 

Obviously bought this- have been dying to try it. I hope it's terrible because who knows when I'll find it again. 

First Dole Whip!!!
Delicious. Tasted like frozen Smarties. 

Bags of Fraser valley rice at Artisan SakeMaker. 

Had sips of everything they make and then glasses of the winners, the electric  Junmai Nama and the mushroom-toasty Mirai sparkling, Americas first sake made in the style of Champagne. 

Thanks B for the very timely suggestion!

Simon's g&t with Picholine olives. The bartender said, "those olives are pitted, heads up". I bit into one timidly, assuming he had meant the opposite of what he said. He had.

Garden Smash with gin, mezcal, lemon, parsley and basil.

Pickles! Asparagus, fiddleheads, and those vexing little Peruvian peppers everyone is obsessed with. 

Fish board. Potted octopus, char sausage (carrot casing), pickled mackerel, crème fraîche.

Spot prawns on toast. 

Next-door at Bao Bei. 

Daisy Temple with Earl Grey gin. 

Sichuan cucumbers in a spicy vinaigrette, marinated eggplant, and Peter's beer and yuzu cocktail. 

Shrimp, scallop and chive dumplings

Lam shao bing with cilantro and pickled red onions and salted chilies. Way too much cumin made it taste sweaty. 

Pork and shrimp wontons. 

Chinese pickles. 

Absolutely stunning side dish of grilled Little Gem lettuce, cilantro-anchovy vinaigrette, guanciale, pickled turnips, and tempura bits. 

Spent the rest of the evening at The Keefer having the most successfully innovative and delicious cocktails I've ever had. Will have to post more about that later. Oh my goodness. Astounding. 

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