Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Finally in Seattle after an amazing wedding weekend (not ours) and a grueling Monday of delays (although witnessing firsthand in Vegas that Southwest Airlines is good enough for Stevie Wonder helped us overlook an uncommonly flawed travel experience). 

 Sherry-cocktail happy hour had ended by the time we sat down in the hotel bar. No problem because:

Bartender's choice. These are the first two on the list. Glad we packed extra floss because they were both littered with potpourri...

Thrilled to see Del Capo on the top shelf, which Klary may remember as the Calabrian amaro we got talked into ordering after our first dinner in Catania, because they were out of all Sicilian amari and the server said it was her favorite anyway. 

The bartender wanted us to taste the most wonderful WA rosé, not yet on their wine list, while we waited for our table at Sushi Kashiba. So good that P canceled his beer plans and ordered a glass with me. 

Daiginjo with the food- no photos of that but they did serve it in crystal tequila  stems which I will be doing from now on with sake. Love. 

Getting back into the groove of taking photos in restaurants was a little uncomfortable at first, so all you're getting is "dessert": a smoked salmon skin roll, a spicy snow crab roll, and the signature egg finale. 

We had eaten so much beforehand (Manila clam miso soup, tuna poke, sautéed geoduck and mushrooms, fried rex sole with ponzu, monkfish liver with spicy daikon, the kasuzuke black cod, chawanmushi with crabmeat and whitefish, torched scallop nigiri, flounder nigiri, and orders of smoked mackerel, king salmon, sockeye salmon and marinated tuna sashimi) that that they also sent out some complementary yuzushu. 

That we were too full to finish.

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