Thursday, March 22, 2012

American Cheese Liberation Army

 A new meat grinder por we. 

A terrible noise was made and research was conducted.

That's a pound and a half of trimmed freshly ground chuck on the left and the same amount of brisket on the right.

Patty melts got meated and eated. We used a racy, lacy Emmentaler from the deli counter at Whole Foods, but next time, I'm going domestic Swiss on one side and Land O'Lakes White American cheese on the other. All sharper and saltier, all the time.  

Deena-san says that Land O'Lakes White American cheese, sliced fresh into translucent sheets, is the only processed cheese product one must not feel ashamed to buy- and who would challenge such a gloriously nihilistic doctrine?  Sadly, L O'L is only available at the Albertson's deli, which was so very far, and it was so windy, and we was so lazy. And since Kraft Singles are a greater sin than sloth, we did without.

We finished all the homemade Russian dressing from the previous Friday's accidental Reubens.

Since we didn't photograph the accidental Reubens, 
please enjoy this intentional Rubens instead. 

(Thanks, Elizabeth.)


  1. Can't wait to see you both on the 7th. I've told the 'nduja connection to have an extra supply on hand for that weekend.

  2. Just read a blog post about crisp rosetta rolls filled with 'nduja and then served with Nutella. Well, Nutella's bad, but real gianduja isn't. When I first learned about'nduja, I thought it shared the same root as "gianduja", and that it might mean "paste of the gods" or something. But that's not the case. They have totally different roots. I find this unsettling for some reason. Do you think a tiny café that serves only 'nduja and gianduja would have a chance at succeeding? I think we should all start one together. It could be a mobile pop-up operation we take on the road. New Orleans to New Zealand. Santa Fe to San Sebastian. The Bay Area and Beirut. Glorious.

  3. the four As: pizzA + 'ndujA + nutellA + wannA. yum